What We Offer

Health & Nutrition

Nutrition Icon Plant Mind, body and spiritual wellness are all integral parts of one's total health. Learning how to increase energy, find one's ideal body weight, experience more balanced moods and reduce stress are some of the tools that are taught during the coaching experience. At Merge, we practice a holistic, all-encompassing approach to health and wellness. Learn More


Fitness Icon Yoga Working with a personal trainer in your own home or place of business is convenient and doesn't leave room for excuses - we come to you. Our clients enjoy the convenience, value and privacy that also come with in home or business personal training. Each workout is customized to your needs and health goals. We will work hard to support you achieve goals. Learn More

Wellness Retreats

Health Icon Holding Plant Our personalized retreats focus on enhancing the Mind, Body and Spirit. Cultivating healing practices such as mindfulness, proper nutrition, meditation and exercise are some of the many ways in which we help clients cultivate greater wellness. Corporate and private retreats are offered for our clients. Learn More

Corporate Wellness

Merge Health, Fitness and Nutrition Icon Stress, obesity and disease are serious issues facing most Americans in the workplace. These problems not only affect personal health and wellbeing, but company productivity and profit. Healthcare costs are soaring and take a huge toll on companies. So many healthcare claims are due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Learn More


Counseling Icon Word Bubbles Counseling services are provided by integrative counselor, Meghan Toups, LPC. She works with clients to find the root cause of their emotional discomfort, while working to alleviate symptoms, and find optimum health. She and her clients work together to understand symptoms, reduce anxiety, improve mood and experience more energy. Learn More


Calendar Icon Our events range from wellness retreats, to runs, to talks and workshops. We discuss a wide variety of issues including understanding how to proper nutiriton increases energy, to maintain optimal weight, and decrease cravings and learn ways to improve your overall health. We discuss the neuroscience behind stress, and teach various forms of meditation. Learn More