My #1 Tip for Making Decisions and Reducing Stress

Whether you decide what toppings to put on your (((newly non-GMO!))) Chipotle burrito bowl in 5 seconds flat, or you struggle and go back and forth between adding guac or no guac until you start getting dirty looks from the folks in line, we’ve all struggled with decision making once and awhile. And for some, it’s often. For many people, making decisions can be emotionally, mentally  & even physically exhausting.

There are some wonderful traits for those of us who think, psychoanalyze (I did get my degree in this), or constantly wonder about both sides of the story. Empathy is often an amazing characteristic of thinkers. However, what happens when we become so overwhelmed with thinking…. thinking… thinking…. It can paralyze us. It’s tiring and can increase stress… and I’m in the business of reducing stress.

Maybe it’s more about feeling. Less thinking. As my dear friend and Inner Journey Retreats business partner Lena says, “You can’t think your way into healing.” Yes. Reducing our stress, feeling more secure and confident as we navigate life is an important part of anyone’s inner healing, life enhancing process. As you read on, I hope that my favorite, #1 tip for making decisions helps you, as it did me.

In a nutshell, it comes down to one question: How do I want to FEEL.

I call this the 3 Core Emotion Experience. Rather than focusing on your goals/ decisions/ situations… focus on keeping your mind in a particular mind-set. What are 3 core emotions that you would like to experience DAILY?

Here are some examples:

  • Joyful
  • Confident
  • Energized
  • Clear- Minded
  • Clear
  • Calm
  • Relaxed
  • Excited
  • Peaceful
  • Healthy
  • Light

Which of those lit up for you? Did you add your own? Choose 3. These are your core desired emotions.

Now. Take a situation that you want to make a decision about. Apply the 3CE experience. Will choosing ______ make me feel _____, _____ & _____?

If yes, proceed. If no, say no. Confidently. Release guilt and move forward. If you say no, yet you don’t feel relieved, ask yourself this: “Would it add to my personal growth and development if I say yes?”

This can help you in any avenue of your life, and for now we will be focusing on decision making.

Stay tuned for upcoming tele-seminars about this very subject!