Mindful Motherhood – Are you In?

To my dear mama friends – when I first became a mother, I had no idea what I was in for. The intense love, the pain, the shift in identity and purpose – it’s been the greatest source of growth, and joy that I’ve ever experienced. Lena and I have created a very special day just for you through our company, Inner Journey Retreats. To bond with other like-minded moms … to learn more about being a joyful, mindful mom… to have a break from making PB&J’s. We all know it’s not easy!

Join us Mother’s Day weekend for one day of renewing self-care. May 7th from 10-4 pm. You’ll learn (through instruction and practice) how to live a more balanced, mindful life and ways to help integrate that philosophy into your family’s life, too.

Consider bringing the family up for the day (or weekend) and while you retreat that Saturday, your family can bond with each other and pet the goats : ) Dads, this is the perfect gift for your wife. Way better than a vacuum.

Please sign up soon – spots are super limited. Lots of love! ~Meghan


Here’s a little more info in case you have a friend who might like to join us! –> mothersflyerpdf