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Uncover your True, Confident and Empowered Self

About Meghan

Meghan is the co-owner of Atlanta-based Merge Health, Fitness and Nutrition. As a licensed psychotherapist and certified holistic health coach, she focuses on helping others reach their optimal health goals and improved emotional balance, naturally. Meghan is passionate about helping others create the life they want and guiding them to uncover their true, confident and empowered self. Throughout this personal journey, she helps her clients to cultivate a greater self-care regime including proper nutrition, meditation, mindfulness and tuning into intuition in order to create a balanced, joyful life. She has a special interest in helping others uncover their personal mood-food connection and focuses on the role of proper digestion in establishing greater emotional wellness. Meghan enjoys working in the community with speaking events, lunch and learns and has recently enjoyed guest roles talking all about health and wellness on NewsTalk 1160.

Education & Work Experience

Meghan received her Master's Degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. Prior to that, she earned her Bachelor's Degree from Loyola University New Orleans in Psychology with a minor in Communications. After many years of counseling, she wanted to learn more about the connection between mind and body. She went on to earn her certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She studied the importance of food, proper nutrition and self care and it's effects on physical and emotional wellness. This allowed her to combine her knowledge of the physical and mental health and seek connections, in order to more fully aid her clients in recovery. Meghan worked for many years at The Anxiety and Stress Management Institute in Atlanta before creating her business Merge Health, Fitness and Nutrition.


Meghan believes that there are three main pillars of wellness: spiritual, physical and emotional, which each contribute to one’s wellness. When one is off balance, it effects the entire system. That’s why her approach is integrative and “whole”istic – she seeks to treat the whole person, providing a supportive, empathic and solution focused environment to promote happiness, balance and positive growth. She believes that the answers and wise solutions to our "problems" are within and that tremendous strength and empowerment comes with uncovering them.

Counseling Services

An Integrative Approach to Therapy

Therapy Services

Meghan Toups is a licensed professional counselor practicing an integrative approach in treating anxiety, stress and depression. She works with both adults and adolescents. Meghan believes in treating the whole person and seeks to provide each client with a nurturing, empathic and solution focused environment to promote happiness and positive growth in each client.

Meghan takes an integrative, holistic approach toward each client. She and her clients work together to understand symptoms, reduce anxiety, improve mood and experience more energy. She specializes in the holistic treatment of anxiety, stress and depression, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and health focused psychology. Perhaps you are seeking healing from a trauma, struggling with self-esteem, or just having a hard time in life. Meghan will provide a nurturing, safe place to process your trauma, life transitions or anxiety and help you to rebuild and thrive in your life. Together with her clients, she will help you explore how relationships, stress, sleep, food choices and self care choices contribute to symptoms. She has a unique interest in the role of digestive health in relation to mental health.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Self-Esteem and Empowerment
  • Pregnancy + Post-Partum
  • “Mood-Food” Connection
  • Mindfulness
  • Spirituality
  • Gut (Digestive) Wellness related to Emotional Wellness

Fees and Insurance:

In office fees are $125/hour session. Meghan is "in-network" with BCBS of Georgia and is considered "out of network" for other insurance panels. If you have out of network benefits, she will provide you with a superbill (insurance receipt) to submit to your insurance company. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly for a portion of the fee.

Please visit Meghan's website for more information at

Food + Wellness Coaching

Open the Door to a new life

Mind-Body Health & Nutrition Coaching

Mind, body and spiritual wellness are all integral parts of one's total health. Learning how to increase energy, find one's ideal body weight, experience more balanced moods and reduce stress are some of the tools that are taught during the coaching experience. As a health & nutrition coach, Meghan practices a holistic approach to health and wellness and looks at how all areas of life are connected. With her background as a psychotherapist, she is able to provide a structured, empathic and solution focused environment for her coaching clients. Sessions are tailored for each individual client and she knows what questions to ask to get to the root problem of the issue. She provides ongoing support and guidance to help set realistic goals and make lasting changes to improve your health and happiness. Together with her clients, she helps them determine what lifestyles & dietary changes are necessary for them, and find tools to create better balance in their lives. Each personalized program is designed to radically improve your health and happiness. Meghan also works within the community and can make referrals for outside services which might complement your work.

Retreats, Workshops and Talks

Heal, Grow, Renew

Inner Journey Retreats

Meghan provides retreats, workshops and seminars for small and large groups. She offers a total wellness approach integrating healing practices such as mindfulness, meditation, food and wellness planning, exercise and more.

Retreats can be tailored specifically for you and your group. She has a team of health professionals that she works with and often collaborates with them for certain retreats in order to provide a more customized program. Please email Meghan at for additional information.

Please visit for more information.


Meghan Toups

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