Corporate Wellness

Improve Employee Health

Stress, obesity and disease are serious issues facing most Americans in the workplace. These problems not only affect personal health and wellbeing, but company productivity and profit. Healthcare costs are soaring and take a huge toll on companies. So many healthcare claims are due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. In short, they can be prevented with easy healthy lifestyle changes.

After working with our health professionals, our clients have reported:

  • improved sleep & mood
  • weight loss
  • greater ability to manage stress
  • renewed sense of empowerment and control over their health.

You benefit from happier, more alert employees, and increased profit margins.

Lunch & Learn

Our most popular corporate wellness program is our "Lunch and Learns." A certified, and/or degreed health professional will come to your office place and present on topics related to your most pressing health needs.

Some of our client favorite topics are:

  • "Reducing Stress in the Workplace"
  • "Exercising at Work: How to Utilize your Desk to Burn Calories"
  • "Sugar Busters: How to Improve Energy Naturally"

We will create a personalized talk based on your company's needs. Contact us today!

Private Coaching

We will design a program for your staff who might be interested in some extra help in achieving their health goals.
  • All small groups are led by a Licensed Professional Counselor and/or Certified Health Coach.
  • Sessions are tailored for each company after a consultation about your needs. In general, they will focus on healthy eating, disease prevention, stress management, communication skills and conflict resolution.
  • Groups are typically between 2 - 6 people and require a 4 week commitment.