The Perfect Plank: Tips for Great Abs

Billy Klein, Certified Fitness Trainer

Does your plank look like this? – Your plank should be working your transverse abdominis (TVA) and your internal obliques. Not used to hearing about those muscles? A personal trainer can help you understand why they are crucial for posture, physique, spinal stability, core strength, pelvic stability! Here are a few tips to transform your plank and maintain a stable, flat back.
brett1Checkout our client, Brett killing this perfect plank! A simple technique can make your plank work for you. Tilt the pelvis anteriorly, retract your shoulder blades to ensure full contact with the pole, finally retract the navel and feel that burn!


As the TVA and internal oblique’s fatigue, you will feel the lumbar (low) spine begin to drop. That’s your cue it’s time to stop! Use this killer plank to increase your core strength!


As you are getting used to proper positioning, have a friend take a quick picture of you, or practice in front of a mirror. Planks are a sure way to get results!

Here’s to your good health!

Certified Fitness Trainer